Friday, December 6, 2013

Beyond Jugaad: A Monthly Column in Businessline

I just completed a year of writing a monthly column titled Beyond Jugaad in The Hindu Businessline. I enjoyed writing this column covering a wide variety of topics in the broad area of strategy and innovation. Here is a bird's eye view of the columns I wrote during 2013 with links to all of them.

Mass Movement Needed for Better Governance (December 2013) Link

The Five Myths of Frugal Innovation (November 2013) Link

Will Air Asia and Tata –SIA Succeed? (October 2013) Link

What does it take for MNCs to succeed in India? (September 2013) Link

Does India need Innovation? (August 2013) Link

India continues to grapple with the challenges of new drug development (July 2013) Link

Ranbaxy: The Fall of an Icon (June 2013) Link

Getting Value out of Innovation (May 2013) Link

Indian Companies need to embrace Open Innovation (April 2013) Link

For Tech Innovators, Internationalisation is key to survival (March 2013) Link

Making ‘In India for India’ Work (February 2013) Link

Indian Firms need to find own pivots to overcome competition (January 2013) Link 

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