Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recognizing Grassroot Innovators is Key to Creating an Innovation Culture

As I argued in From Jugaad to Systematic Innovation, we need to create societal conditions to support innovation in the country. One such important step is to make sure that innovators get the respect and recognition they deserve. After all, they overcome difficult odds to pursue innovation in our environment.

The National Innovation Foundation has been doing a wonderful job in identifying and recognising innovative citizens across the country. President Abdul Kalam initiated the practice of inviting these innovators to Rashtratpati Bhavan, presenting them awards, and then hosting an exhibition of their innovations. Its great to see President Pratibha Patil continuing the tradition. The latest awards ceremony was held a few days ago. Details are available at

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  1. Laudable practice. I can imagine the kind of gossip it might be creating in their village. I wonder if they could benefit from some kind of training in business model exploration / go to market planning - an area in which they may be weak. I wonder if institutes like IIMs can play a role there.